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digitalexecutiveThere is very definitely a trend towards home working these days. You wouldn’t think it if you went out in the rush hour around London given the state of the roads, but the trend is definitely there.

I guess the reason the rush hour is still so busy is that we now have three million extra people in work when compared to twenty five years ago. It has been quite an achievement by the U.K economy to add that many jobs in such a short space of time. It’s also a bit of a slap in the face to the people who constantly want to put down GB PLC. And I count Bank of England governor Mark Carney in that number.

I think he must be a secret Canadian weapon of mass destruction the way he constantly talks down the economy, particularly post Brexit. But I digress (and I’ll get off the soap box).

Digital Marketing

So, yes, the reason I am here today is to chat to Doug Bates of Intelligent People about the work at home trend in Digital Marketing jobs.

Doug is the co Managing Director and co-founder of digital marketing recruitment agency Intelligent People who are based in St Albans U.K.

Intelligent People was founded by Doug and Co-ower Chris Mason in 2002.

What changes have you seen in Online Marketing with regards to the work at home scenario since you started IP?

Big Changes

“I actually think this is not as straight forward a scenario as people might think”, he smiles, “yes people are working from home more these days, but from what we see, they;re not working from home full time. Maybe they are working from home for one, two or possibly three days each week. And, whilst digital marketing does allow people to work from anywhere in the world that has the Internet infrastructure, we see most companies wanting employees to be at the office for certain functions of their work”.

“Even people who are mainly home based still need to attend the office for some fucntions such as sprint reviews for example”.

I guess most employees would accept that, so where is this perceived move to working from home?

Good Question

“That is a very good question”, he says, “I think we are seeing a branching out of certain functions within marketing. We are seeing a lot of small service type businesses spring up, and these can easily (and normally are) based from the home. For example the Guy who does our SEO for us is brilliant. It’s just him and his co-director, and they intentionally keep the business small. They have a small but loyal band of clients and that is all they want. Their modus operandi is to stay small and to work from home. In fact I know Derek often swans off to his apartment in Spain. We ring him up on a Friday to see if he wants a catch up and a beer and he’s in Spain. He’ll say he has a broadband Internet connection there, MS One Drive so he has access to all his files, and he argues, quite rightly, he has all he needs”.

“He’ll also argue the environment there is more condusive to work and allowing him to complete his search engine optimisation job much more easily and without the distractions he gets when he is in the U.K. Although I reckon the pool is a big distraction as is the very nice bar just across the road”, he laughs at the thought and I understand some funny memories.

The Overall Situation

So, what is the overall trend for working at home in the Digital space?

“It’s a good question”, he pauses for thought. “Generally most digital marketing jobs do need an office presence, most days. I think that’s the same for most jobs though to be fair. Yes, digital or online marketing does tend to lend itself more to remote working, but we see very few jobs where the encumbent can work totally from home”.

“I think it tends to be smaller actual businesses that would be home based or offering contract services. For example Online Marketing jobs can be done from home easily if you are a contractor, the same applies to  crm jobs. But there is this inherent need for people to want their subordinates to be within easy “physical” reach. I’m not sure why that should be, my experience tells me people are more productive when they work from home. They tend to feel the duty of care to be fully diligent, whereas in the office they will think nothing of chatting for ten minutes about last night’s Poldark”, he laughs at the thought.

Thanks for some interesting insights Doug, its been a pleasure.

“The pleasure is all nime”, he smiles.

Intelligent People are recruiters in the Digital and Online marketing space, click the link to visit their website.

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