Starting That Illusive Online Business

How do you develop your one-man band company?

A large number of local businesses fgind it so difficult to succeed in those so tough first few years of operation. Indeed most new ventures collapse and die within 5 years. A sad fact of life.

Poor Planning?

It may well be due to the fact that the new company assumes poor supervision techniques and doesn’t tackle finances well, recklessly spends or alternatively invests insufficiently. However,. planning is more than likely the root issue.

Or it may perhaps basically solely be mainly because the small-time business owner is not prepared for the extremely tough level of work that is essential.

Accomplishing Business Objectives

Conversely on the encouraging side, there exists loads of prosperous small establishments out there.

These successful businesses are run by businessmen who held a mental picture, on occasion avant-garde, and had the business and money awareness to plan ahead, defeat impending complications and hence accomplish their goals with finesse, purpose and technique.

Reaching Your Dreams and Desired Goals

Small business owners are risk-takers who are not frightened to attain their aspirations and ambitions.

Scores of new companies may well offer a new slant on a long-established business example and optimize it.

For example the start up company may perhaps present a type of product or service which is currently available, but the entrepreneur will make slight differences, say, in the transaction structure, manner of manufacture or quantity, or scope of choice of a product or service.

Forecasting the Future

New entrepreneurs could peer into the short-term and long-term long run, and be able to foresee promising techniques and new and different ways of completing things.

An example could be the visionary businessmen that predicted the growth of web-based shopping and proceeded to construct business models – and then giant eCommerce enterprises – founded on this new way of buying things.

It could be well worth taking a look around and seeing all the currently prosperous businesses that are now flourishing – they all outlasted the earliest toughest years of trading to remain buoyant and then at the end of the day succeed.

Conversely it’s true that there exists just as many – maybe maybe even more – new businesses that didn’t attain great success due to the fact that they have misjudged the market, ran the company poorly or were just unlucky.

Specify Your Business Structure

What can make one company accomplish its business ambitions and another new venture collapse?

Charging high prices might be an a negative factor, if a business man uses reasonably competitive pricing as his principal business model – for example, the appearance of low-cost flights a a couple of decades or so ago.

Loads of new companies are created by individuals who really like what they do, and are extraordinarily expert at it, except that when it involves operating a business, the entrepreneur may perhaps not have an inkling what to do effectively.

In certain cases a business owner will gain incentive from learning how other small business owners began, and how they are managing trade complications in order to prosper.

For that reason you could be interested in our business webpage, link to the site beneath, that has some experiences from small businesses that are taking advantage of remarkable and highly effective business processes.

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Work At Home In Digital Marketing

digitalexecutiveThere is very definitely a trend towards home working these days. You wouldn’t think it if you went out in the rush hour around London given the state of the roads, but the trend is definitely there.

I guess the reason the rush hour is still so busy is that we now have three million extra people in work when compared to twenty five years ago. It has been quite an achievement by the U.K economy to add that many jobs in such a short space of time. It’s also a bit of a slap in the face to the people who constantly want to put down GB PLC. And I count Bank of England governor Mark Carney in that number.

I think he must be a secret Canadian weapon of mass destruction the way he constantly talks down the economy, particularly post Brexit. But I digress (and I’ll get off the soap box).

Digital Marketing

So, yes, the reason I am here today is to chat to Doug Bates of Intelligent People about the work at home trend in Digital Marketing jobs.

Doug is the co Managing Director and co-founder of digital marketing recruitment agency Intelligent People who are based in St Albans U.K.

Intelligent People was founded by Doug and Co-ower Chris Mason in 2002.

What changes have you seen in Online Marketing with regards to the work at home scenario since you started IP?

Big Changes

“I actually think this is not as straight forward a scenario as people might think”, he smiles, “yes people are working from home more these days, but from what we see, they;re not working from home full time. Maybe they are working from home for one, two or possibly three days each week. And, whilst digital marketing does allow people to work from anywhere in the world that has the Internet infrastructure, we see most companies wanting employees to be at the office for certain functions of their work”.

“Even people who are mainly home based still need to attend the office for some fucntions such as sprint reviews for example”.

I guess most employees would accept that, so where is this perceived move to working from home?

Good Question

“That is a very good question”, he says, “I think we are seeing a branching out of certain functions within marketing. We are seeing a lot of small service type businesses spring up, and these can easily (and normally are) based from the home. For example the Guy who does our SEO for us is brilliant. It’s just him and his co-director, and they intentionally keep the business small. They have a small but loyal band of clients and that is all they want. Their modus operandi is to stay small and to work from home. In fact I know Derek often swans off to his apartment in Spain. We ring him up on a Friday to see if he wants a catch up and a beer and he’s in Spain. He’ll say he has a broadband Internet connection there, MS One Drive so he has access to all his files, and he argues, quite rightly, he has all he needs”.

“He’ll also argue the environment there is more condusive to work and allowing him to complete his search engine optimisation job much more easily and without the distractions he gets when he is in the U.K. Although I reckon the pool is a big distraction as is the very nice bar just across the road”, he laughs at the thought and I understand some funny memories.

The Overall Situation

So, what is the overall trend for working at home in the Digital space?

“It’s a good question”, he pauses for thought. “Generally most digital marketing jobs do need an office presence, most days. I think that’s the same for most jobs though to be fair. Yes, digital or online marketing does tend to lend itself more to remote working, but we see very few jobs where the encumbent can work totally from home”.

“I think it tends to be smaller actual businesses that would be home based or offering contract services. For example Online Marketing jobs can be done from home easily if you are a contractor, the same applies to  crm jobs. But there is this inherent need for people to want their subordinates to be within easy “physical” reach. I’m not sure why that should be, my experience tells me people are more productive when they work from home. They tend to feel the duty of care to be fully diligent, whereas in the office they will think nothing of chatting for ten minutes about last night’s Poldark”, he laughs at the thought.

Thanks for some interesting insights Doug, its been a pleasure.

“The pleasure is all nime”, he smiles.

Intelligent People are recruiters in the Digital and Online marketing space, click the link to visit their website.

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Working With a Pets Franchise

Looking for ideas for businesses that you can run from home? If you have loads of energy, love being active and kept on your feet, and have a passion for animals, there is one really fun and dynamic franchise business you can run from home. How about starting a pet sitting business as part of a franchise?

This is a really great career idea for anyone who wants to escape from the corporate nine-to-five desk job to do something that really matters to them instead. Or if you’re already working from home, and find you have extra time on your hands or you’re working part-time, you may even be tempted to fit pet sitting in with your other at-home job.

Making Good Money

Pet sitters and dog walkers are in higher demand than ever before, so you could potentially make really good money, and have fun in the process. When you start working as a pet sitting franchise business, you also take on the good reputation of the franchise name, which establishes instant trust and a good reputation in the minds of your customers.

Pet Sitting Tips

Pets, Homes and Gardens, based in Horsham, Sussex, is a pet sitting franchise business set up by Julie and Peter Maxted over thirteen years ago. Julie and Peter have lots of pets themselves, and originally started their own pet day care business when they realised how difficult it was to find quality pet care to look after their animals when they were away from home or going on holiday.

As they were both looking for a career change in their working lives, they took the plunge and started to provide pet care locally. Their services were welcomed by local pet owners and Peter and Julie quickly became really busy. “We also had a young family at the time, so couldn’t really accommodate all the business that was rapidly coming our way as word of mouth spread about us,” says Julie. “We soon realised that the pet care business was something you could either treat as part-time work or if you had the time, could turn into a full-time career.”

Dream Opportunity

Peter continues, “It was like a dream opportunity to work at something we both loved, and after five successful years, we sat down and began thinking how great it would be to help others out on the path to running a similar fulfilling business. That was when we decided that the best way to do this was to become a franchise.”

Pets, Homes and Gardens offers it franchisees the best start you could hope for to start a professional pet day care and business. This includes expert training, customer service and customer care strategies, comprehensive and detailed documentation on legal, sales, financial, accounting and marketing processes, plus a monitored Google Adwords campaign with regular reports.

Business Support

“We also offer ongoing business support and growth and development advice, plus access to our website forum where all franchisees can swap experiences and advice with each other,” Julie adds. “And of course everyone gets our high-quality shirts and fleece jackets to wear while dog walking!”

What’s even better is the small initial outlay fee that we charge for becoming a franchisee,” Peter says. “Some franchises demand thousands for members to join, but we only ask £495, plus a monthly franchise fee. We want to attract people who will really love what they do, and will welcome the opportunity to go into business as a pet sitter and dog walker. People like this may not have huge amounts of money to join, and we could potentially change their lives by giving them a job they love.”

Working Systems

“In other words,” Julie adds, “people who are like us when we started out all those years ago! By giving our franchisees all our financial, accounting and legal systems, we’re basically offering efficiently functioning processes that it took us years to get right, and to get working effectively.”

Peter chips in, “These instant systems, plus our training, documentation and all-round support will get our franchise businesses up and running right away. And attracting those all-important first customers should be easy because our franchisees has an established national brand so people can be certain that their lovely pets – who of course are members of the family – will be cared for by certified pet sitters with an established reputation.”

Taking a fresh start by starting a business with this franchise sounds like the kind of opportunity that could change your life. How wonderful to earn money doing what you love!

To find out more about starting a franchise with Pets, Homes and Gardens, go to or visit their Facebook page at

Get The Perfect Work From Home Job And Supplement Your Family Income!

Many times situations and conditions force people to stay at home without any jobs. When one partner is out of ajob, many households can struggle with financial problems. Many times those stay at home partners are moms, who need to stay at home to take care of the kids, or people with disabilities who cannot travel easily for work or people who have retired from their job. All these people cannot take a regular job which requires them to go out to work every day, but they are in need of an income to support themselves. So for people like these, there are many jobs in the market which can be done even from their homes. If you are one of the people who are not able to go to work for any reasons and are looking for a way to earn some income, then the work from home jobs are perfect for you.However, it is important that you should have top work at home information with you so that you will be able to choose a job which is perfect for your skills and requirements.



The work at home jobs available in the market

  • Data Entry Job

This is a very basic job which can be done staying at home. They require minimum basic typing skills and speed and knowledge of English language. There are various types of data entry jobs such as filling Survey forms or converting audio in the text form. This is avery easy job which even a school dropout will be able to do.

  • Medical transcription

This is also similar to data entry job as you have to convert medical transcripts which are in audio form to text form. However, this job is not simple and require aspecific skill set. You will have to undergo training and may require some certification in the field of medical transcription.

  • Online tutoring

Many schools, universities and colleges are hiring the services f tutors who can teach students online. This is also a skills specific job and you will require the qualifications to be a teacher. However, if you were already a teacher before retirement or before being a stay at home mom, then this job will be perfect for you.

All these jobs are available in the market and you can do a search to find a job suitable for you, but you have to be careful about the fake work at home jobs as there are many such scams which have been reported. The jobs which require you to pay some fees up front or for online training purposes and require your credit card details, then most of the times such jobs are scams. Therefore before signing for any work at home job, you should have Top work at home information about that job so that you are not duped by scam artists. You can also try the blogging as a career. Although initially youwon’t be earning anything, but once your blog will be established, you will be able to earn an income through advertisements.